The offices of the Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, a 52-story building with a height of 247m and a total height of 247m, have 30 floors from the 6th floor to the 35th floor, and a total rental area of 30,000 tsubo. "Andaz Tokyo", a luxury lifestyle hotel operated by Hyatt, high-class housing with outstanding views and hotel services, conference facilities of international standards, commercial facilities that support various urban activities to the maximum, open space of approximately 6,000 m2, etc. , Highly complex functions support the global business of resident companies.

"Toranomon Hills Business Tower" is a 36-storey complex tower with a large office with a total rental space of approximately 96,000m2 and commercial facilities of approximately 7,600m2. New station "Toranomon Hills Station" on the Hibiya Line (scheduled to open on June 6, 2020) and Toranomon Station on the Ginza Line are also connected via underground passages, and an airport limousine bus and a BRT connecting the central and coastal areas on the first floor There is also a bus terminal where you can also get in and out of (high-speed bus transportation system). In addition, on the 4th floor, a large-scale incubation center called “ARCH” of about 3,800 m2, where innovators from various fields gather to specialize in the creation of new businesses by large companies, has been opened. We aim to be a base for Japan's unique innovation ecosystem.

Charm of Toranomon Hills Office

Global business hub

Toranomon is located in the center of the downtown business area. The important infrastructure / circular Route 2 constructed by Tokyo will dramatically improve access to the internationalized Haneda Airport. Toranomon will serve as a "gateway to Tokyo" that welcomes global players, and will be a hub that connects cities around the world with business areas in central Tokyo.

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Safe and secure town

"From an escape town to an escape town." Toranomon Hills Mori Tower is equipped with an emergency generator that can supply power to the dedicated section in an emergency, in addition to high seismic performance with three types of vibration control devices. We also consider business continuity (BCP).

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A town where working people interact

The office workers who work here are provided with various services to further enjoy their office life. Events such as a special store service that makes lunch more profitable, futsal tournaments limited to office workers, and golf competitions that encourage interaction between workers are held regularly.

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Toranomon Hills expands and evolves into the new international city

"Toranomon Hills in adjacent areas of", two new large-scale project "Toranomon Hills Residential Tower", "(tentative name) Toranomon Hills station tower" is in progress. By accelerating integrated urban development including the new station on the Hibiya Line (Toranomon Hills Station), "Toranomon Hills" expanded at a stretch, with various functions such as international standard offices, houses, hotels, commercial facilities, and transportation infrastructure. , Will evolve into a truly international new city center global business center.

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A large-scale office with a total rental area of approximately 96,000 m2

The office floors of the Business Tower occupy the 5th to 36th floors, total leasing area is about 96,000m2, and standard floor renting area is about 3,000m2. A well-shaped pillar-less space with a depth of about 20 m in all directions and a full-height sash from the floor to the ceiling enable a bright and open work space and a flexible office layout to suit your work style.

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Incubation center "ARCH", the base of Japan's unique innovation ecosystem

On the 4th floor of the business tower, we will open a large-scale membership-based incubation center “ARCH” of approximately 3,800 m2, which is one of the important components of the “Global Business Center”.

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A commercial facility that supports food, clothing and housing for global players

From the first basement floor to the third floor above the business tower, a total of 58 stores (about 7,600 m2) of commercial space will be created to support global players' clothing, food, and living, from food and beverages to product sales and services.

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Toranomon Hills Mori Tower Data Sheet

Toranomon Hills Business Tower Data Sheet