Toranomon Yokocho


Bird Land Toranomon

The branch store in Birdland, which was the first Yakitori restaurant to win the Michelin star. The craftsmen carefully prepare each piece on the baking stand and serve the skewered Okukuji Gun chicken, which has a firm taste due to its meat quality and elasticity. The surface is crispy, the inside meat is fluffy, the thigh meat is hot and the broth can be boiled hot, and the chef's grilled cheese from Yoshida Ranch is exquisitely heated. "Surprise masterpieces are lined up. At the Toranomon store, you don't need to make a reservation at the counter so that you can enjoy yourself like a traditional Yakitori restaurant, you can order each time.

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The average budget

Lunch: ¥ 1,500 / Dinner: ¥ 8,000