Toranomon Yokocho

East Asian Food

Ryukyu Chinese Stand TAMA

Branch of popular TAMA store in Shibuya where you can enjoy healthy and delicious food from Okinawa to Taiwan and China. The Toranomon store will add Taiwanese small plate dishes, and will serve mainly appetizer dishes in a stand bar format. The image of both Okinawan and Chinese foods is “rich”, but the TAMA style is to use “additive-free” and pesticide-free ingredients to create a “soft” taste. The basis of cooking is the taste of the home of the owner, Fumihiro Tamadai, who has a father from China and a mother from Okinawa. We also have a homemade "Flavor Awamori" made by immersing fruits in Awamori, so please enjoy it with food.

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Lunch: ¥ 1,000 / Dinner: ¥ 3,000