Toranomon Hills Business Tower

Connecting Japan to the world and the center of the city to create unique innovations in Japan

Toranomon Hills Business Tower is a 36-story high-rise complex tower with large offices and commercial facilities. It is also connected to the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line "Toranomon Hills Station" and the Ginza Line "Toranomon Station" via an underground passage. On the first floor, there is also an airport limousine bus and a bus terminal where you can get on and off the BRT that connects the central and coastal areas. Access to Haneda Airport will be greatly improved if the ring road No. 2 is fully opened, and it will function as a new "gateway to Tokyo" that connects the world and the city center.
In addition, on the 4th floor, a large-scale incubation center "ARCH" has been established, which is dedicated to the emergence of new businesses by large companies, and where innovators from various fields gather. We aim to become the base for Japan's unique innovation ecosystem.


The office floor occupies the 5th to 36th floors, total renting area is about 96,000m², and standard floor renting area is about 3,000m². A well-shaped pillarless space with a depth of about 20 m in all directions and a full-height sash from the floor to the ceiling enable a bright and open work space and a flexible office layout to suit your work style. In addition, a large refreshment corner has been set up in the common area on each floor to provide a place for employees to communicate. Furthermore, by arranging an emergency stockpile warehouse on each floor, we are preparing for an emergency.
The "Toranomon Hills Business Tower" is connected to the new station "Toranomon Hills Station" on the Hibiya Line and "Toranomon Station" on the Ginza Line via an underground passage, and the airport limousine bus and the coastal area are located on the first floor. There is also a bus terminal where BRT (Bus High Speed Transport System) connecting the departments can be reached. Toranomon Hills In addition, if the Loop Line 2 running under the Mori Tower is fully opened, it will be possible to access Haneda Airport in just 25 minutes, providing convenience and transportation access that is essential for companies developing globally. Will be realized.


これにより、虎ノ門ヒルズエリアの商業施設は、既存の「虎ノ門ヒルズ 森タワー」を含め約11,300m²(82店舗)へと拡大します。


On the first floor, there is a bus terminal of approximately 1,000 m² that is directly connected to the new station "Toranomon Hills Station" on the Hibiya Line and "Toranomon Station" on the Ginza Line. Airport limousine buses and BRT (high-speed bus transportation system BRT) connecting the city center and coastal areas can be reached.
In addition, a pedestrian deck connected to the Toranomon Hills Mori Tower will be installed on the second floor. We will create a new flow of people and a pedestrian network that connects the entire area, including "Shintora-dori Avenue", which was born when the Circular Route 2 was opened. Furthermore, if the ring road No. 2 is fully opened, access to Haneda Airport will be greatly improved. "Toranomon Hills Business Tower" will function as a new "gateway to Tokyo" that connects the world with the city center.

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