About Toranomon Hills


About Toranomon Hills


Toranomon Hills is a center for global business that combines four projects— 
Mori Tower, Business Tower, Station Tower, and Residential Tower—
into a single complex that functions as a self-contained neighborhood.
Professionals from around world will gather here and connect in ways they will find inspiring, 
motivating them to develop innovative businesses that will expand Tokyo's potential as an international city.

Toranomon Hills has continued to evolve step by step with the vision of becoming a "global business center."
Following Mori Tower, Business Tower, and Residential Tower, the birth of Station Tower brings together four projects into one city.
As a node that welcomes and connects diverse people from all over the world. As an engine that brings out human creativity and drives business. We will further expand the possibilities of the international city of Tokyo.



Toranomon always had the potential to be something bigger. It was centrally located near government offices and embassies and was home to cultural establishments. Toranomon Hills taps into that potential by integrating the complex with newly built transportation infrastructure—a subway station, a highway, and a bus terminal—so it can serve as a business hub catering to globe-trotting professionals.

Equipment outline

Several urban amenities have been condensed into the 75,000 ㎡ complex. They include offices, a conference center, an incubation center, and a shared office for start-ups to cater to a globally minded business community. But there are also commercial and cultural establishments, residences, hotels, and public squares and green spaces to create a place in which people would want to live and work. With a cutting-edge creativity hub as well, Toranomon Hills will become a true center for global business.

Park & Green

Toranomon Hills you to enjoy greenery while being located in the heart of the city. Oval Plaza is popular as a place of relaxation and yoga events are also held there.

Oval Plaza

A plaza with a vast lawn that serves as the center of the city and connects people.

station atrium

A plaza in front of the station has been created through the integrated development of the city and the station, with a richness never seen before on the subway. Large-scale media and markets are also adjacent, creating a lively space.

Saiou Park

A lush park connected to a pedestrian deck.

Public art

Having art in your daily life makes your life richer. Toranomon Hills has public art everywhere, and you can feel the culture.

transportation node


Toranomon Hills Station

The first new station since the opening of the Hibiya Line, which was developed integrally with the station tower.


A plaza-like deck with a width of 20m that connects Mori Tower and Station Tower on Sakurada Street. We have created a pedestrian network that also serves as a place to connect people without dividing the city.

Ring Road No.2

A major artery that directly connects the city center and the waterfront area, which opened when it was constructed along with Toranomon Hills Mori Tower using the three-dimensional road system.

Bus terminal

A bus terminal that serves as a departure and arrival point for airport limousine buses and the BRT that connects the city center and the waterfront area.

Town management/community

Building a city is only the beginning; proper town management is needed to develop the city over time. To ensure Toranomon Hills remains well loved for years to come, the complex will offer a varied program of seasonal events and other things to do. By staying fresh and fun, the complex aims to deepen its bond with the people who visit or live there and forge a vibrant community—one that can give the complex its own unique vibe.

Safety, security, and environmental initiatives

To ensure safety and security, which is the most important thing for a town, Toranomon Hills has various preparations such as the highest level of earthquake resistance and emergency power backup. It also plays a role as a local disaster prevention base, accepting people who are unable to return home and stocking up on stockpiles. In terms of the environment, we have opened a high-efficiency energy center with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the entire city. We have also obtained the highest rank of Platinum Preliminary Certification under the international environmental certification LEED. Furthermore, by connecting the greenery in the city with the greenery in the surrounding area, we are creating a new green network.

Development history



Renowned architects and designers from across the world have given Toranomon Hills its distinctive look and feel. The overall design manages to both accentuate the fierce individuality of each collaborator and integrate their contributions into a seamless whole.

Shohei Shigematsu
station tower design
Christoph Ingenhoven
Ingenhoven Associates
Business tower (exterior design, office common area interior design), residential tower (exterior design)
tony chi
tony chi studio
Residential Tower, Andaz Tokyo, Toranomon Hills Residence (common area) interior design
photo: Kazumi Kurigami
Masamichi Katayama
T-MARKET, ARCH, Business Tower Commercial Area (Environment Department) Interior Design
Sheene Binslev Henriksen
peter bungaard lutzu
Space Copenhagen
Hotel Toranomon Hills Interior Design
Nihon Sekkei
mori tower design

Shintora-dori Avenue

Developed in tandem with Mori Tower, Shintora-dori is designed to be Tokyo's next go-to street, with wide sidewalks that are perfect for casual strolls and al fresco dining. Halfway down the street is Shintora-dori Core, a multi-use building with an event space on the first floor. A variety of initiatives are being planned to keep the street dynamic and exciting, such as the successful Tokyo Mural Project, which saw colorful murals pop up on a building located along Shintora-dori.

collaboration partner


Hello, I'm Toranomon.


At the Wagon Shop on Toranomon Hills Business Tower 2F and T-Deck, Mori Art Museum Shop in Roppongi Hills
TORANOMON character goods are now on sale.