Newly created delicious road
Welcome to Toranomon Yokocho. Click here for a list of shops.
A shop with people you want to meet
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It is a plaza where new food is born
Welcome to Toranomon Yokocho. Click here for a list of shops.
People naturally gather and interact with each other
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Famous stores all over Tokyo gather
Welcome to Toranomon Yokocho. Click here for a list of shops.
"The more you know, the more fun! How to walk Toranomon Yokocho"
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Toranomon Yokocho is a place that connects the present and future of food, which is a collection of a total of 26 famous stores that are famous in Tokyo, which has not been opened in many stores. Toranomon Yokocho is the magnetic field formed by the gathering of shops that have the intention to stick to each other, and the collision of the individual pieces creates heat, the energy of which creates a magnetic force.

The space is created with the keyword "road". That is to cherish heat. This is not to end up enjoying each individual store, but to enjoy the individuality of Toranomon Yokocho as a group.
The road used to be a social area. It is also a place where people can connect with each other, people with shops, shops with shops.

At Toranomon Yokocho, the area of the store was intentionally made smaller so that the face of the store owner could be seen.
A store where there are people who want to meet. In other words, it is in the form of "yokocho."

On the road of Toranomon Yokocho, there is a standing drinking space "Ladder Counter" and "Lounging Seats" to induce "connection" between people. You can enjoy the food of each restaurant at the ladder counter, or you can enjoy the menu and squeezed sake at the lounge. Yokocho itself is a kind of communication hub.

In addition, "Toranomon Yokocho" is a POPUP restaurant that is open for a limited time, bringing in wine purchased at Kakutsuki, various sales promotion projects, etc.



A place where you can drink a little.
First of all, you should find a shop you are looking for while catching one cup.

As a town where drinkers gather, we will prepare a special sake store in Toranomon Yokocho.
"Toranomon distillery" where you can enjoy craft gin from Tokyo, which is particular about island shochu in Tokyo and famous water, and "TORANOMON BREWERY" where you can drink fruity craft beer. It is a new style liquor store that suits the times, such as "HAND PICKING WINE", which is supervised by wine tastor Motohiro Ogoshi and can bring out your favorite wine.


-Toranomon Yokocho Cellar-

A place where you can buy wine that you can bring into the store.
You should choose one that suits your tonight's appetizer.

The wine cellar "HAND PICKING WINE" of Toranomon Yokocho, supervised by wine tastor Motohiro Ogoshi. The large 4-m wide wine cellar is equipped with 150-200 types of wine from over 10 countries. You can bring the bottled wine purchased here to each store and drink it. Please choose one that suits your tonight's side dish and enjoy the pairing that you can only enjoy here.


-Toranomon Yokocho POPUP Restaurant-

"Toranomon Yokocho POPUP Restaurant" supervised by Mr. Mackie Makimoto who was in charge of selecting the store of "Toranomon Yokocho". Topic shops that give off a distinctive appearance will appear one after another for a limited time.

The POPUP restaurant is a place that expresses the interest in food that changes with the times and the commitment of those who convey it. Providing fresh topics to customers by attracting new shops as a place to send food trends. As a food start-up support, we will rejuvenate the entire floor by supporting new chef and trial stores.


-Yoseai / YORIAI-

As if gathering at a social gathering in the city.

There are blank spaces in the city, such as park vacant lots and benches on the street. Toranomon Yokocho is a town. As a space where people can naturally gather and interact at Toranomon Yokocho, there will be a seating area where you can eat and drink freely.


-Ladder counter-

"Ladders" are from three houses. If there are two, it is a "staircase".

After having a drink, go to another store.
The ladder counter is a device for enjoying a "ladder", and it is a place for interaction, hoping that instead of enjoying the food alone, the rice that you eat with someone is a good way to remind yourself of the right way to eat. Here, the food is served at a reasonable price so that you can feel free to eat it and use it again next time.